Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The BLUE Love

The Blue love.

Round I went in her eyes so blue
Damn, my eyes, really got blue.
Her guy was around watching me from the loo
There was no where that I could Move.

That lady in the beautiful Blue gown again
Made my heart go drown & drown
Wearing a blue coat entered a handsome old man
Ouch, my eyes blue again, was the lady’s Dad’o’man.

The morning sky, up so blue
Birds in group, together they flew
Winds in my garden, so hard they blew
Came my dream girl again, without any clue.

She said who?
I said you.
She again said who?
I said you.

Bounced her crew
Like a hullabaloo
I was on my bed again,
With my lovely body full blue
Roaring moo and moo.

I wished to drag them to a zoo
But that was something that I just can’t do.

This time, the reflections were blue
I made sure my eyes won’t get blue.

The reflections of the jewelled blue hat
Crossing through the crystal clear glass
On my heart
In my eyes
And In my soul.

I went up so new
Thinking it was cute
With the softness of her hands,
She flipped her Blue hat
There came a slap!!
Oo Oo Oo Oo
This time, my cheeks got so blue.

Do me favour ladies, do not wear blue
Or it will be time I stick home like glue.

I do not want to argue
Just to say adieu.
Get to me once
And I shall work it three, two & through.

You are gonna like it so true
We shall then rock like yahoo.
You are gonna like it so true
We shall then rock like Yahoo Yahoo Yahoo!!!

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