Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Nobody better than wife.

Nobody better than wife.

You came into my life
On that beach, that day.
In those pink clothes
Cut top & the mini skirt.

I thought love was in for me.

I was amazed at the cosy gesture
When u walked up close to me.
The special roses you loved
& the amazing dinner we loved.

It felt like violins & guitars all over
It felt a beautiful world pulling over.

I thought love was in for me.

I saw you doing the same
With another new guy.

I saw you doing the same again
Yet with another new guy.

Guys kept changing
Your clothes kept changing.
Days were mere passing
But no traces of a single feel from you.
No trace of any love from you.

You were flooded with guys
and their ayes,
who buy’s & buy’s
for your doll eyes.

Soon I felt
Love didn’t treat me nice.
It kicked my butt
And crushed me to blood.

I thought love was in for me.                                                    
But sadly it wasn’t.

I wish to hold you close
Close in my arms
So close, that
I could throw you in the river nearby.

I wish to have your picture nice
So nice, that
The obituary column looks vice.                                                                                 

I wish to slice you well
So well, that
The blender could grind you more well.

I thought love was in for me                                                     
But sadly it wasn’t.
Neither for me, nor for you.

And now I wish, for a wish.
My wife excuses me
For all the mischief.

I will love her, only her and only her.
I promise not to look for another ‘her’.

Love will definitely be in for me
This time...with my wife, my life.
There is NOBDODY better than a WIFE.

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