Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A Wish

A WISH to grace the sky one day
The world would turn around to have a look
A WISH to feel the touch of twinkling stars
The brightness of which shines on me

May be a dream
May be a myth
But my heart & soul, craves for it.

I have taken refuge in the natures lap
                                            Sands of time have helped me grow        
Blissful life will shower on me
Once I strive harder and stronger

A WISH to be boundless
As free as the mountain winds
A WISH to whisper
My Heart full of desire.

A WISH that all the ordeal, oozes away
A WISH that smiles cheer up the world
May be my wish is as impalpable as a dream
Maybe my wish is as hazy as a myth

But I’m as hopeful as the break of the day

As my heart & soul, craves for it!

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