Saturday, 10 January 2015

5 marvellous Business Resolutions for 2015!

Start up? SME? MNC?

Any business you belong, a new year is a perfect chance to make yourself or your company better. I’m sure each one of you must have tried your hands on a couple of resolutions or at least thought of them.

Here are a 5 marvellous Business Resolutions for 2015!

1.      NO EMAIL Hours: Mobile Apps changing the whole working scenario, individuals/ Businesses are now option to send in an EMAIL at any point of the day, or event night. Do not entertain any Emails in your NO EMAIL hours planned neither send one to your team. Your employees need their time off too!

2.      Bring in FUN DAYS: Fix one day in a month and HAVE FUN! Be it just 2 hours on any given day, on any Just like That project, or a random act of kindness! Believe me, YOU and your team will love thinking Out of the Box!

3.    CLOCK in accurate: Time is Value! Time is also Money! Be in time and see Time work for you and not you working for the time. Appreciate yours as well as other’s time as its valuable to everybody.

4.      Who’s waiting for an AWARD? : Recognition is one sexy motivator people die for. If they work, they also would love to get rewarded. A simple word “Great Job” ignites passion in the employees. Don’t be a squirrel, this year start expressing more to your employees. Don’t forget to check the performance meter by the end! You’ll be surprised!

5.     Coffee Time: This is something which is not always enjoyed alone. Why not you try a cup of coffee with your awesome team for 5 minutes, twice each week. This is an ice breaker and also an informal means to be updated of what’s going on within your own organisation.

I’m sure you would like to read them the second time, make a note and follow them.
So GET SET GO! Happy Resolutions Year!


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