Friday, 16 January 2015

Productive 2015!

For a productive career 2015, by now, you must have made a list, started with a few and missed on a few resolutions, ALREADY. You can’t hide that smile! But the inner desire in you to improve your past is undoubtedly the motive for a better YOU! To further and to work better.

"I will lose weight this year" a vague resolution.
Really? How much weight? And by when? After you eat that favourite rasgulla of yours?

“I am for sure applying to 2 jobs daily" a perfect resolution!
Open than best friend of yours, Google out, and APPLY! Has technology made it really that simple? Yes, of course! and most importantly the job search engines have.

Sitting at your desk, day long, answering the never ending list of mails and telephones, stressing your back, might not really look flowery every year. How do you go ahead then? SMARTness!

Your SMARTness determines how your whole year goes. SMARTness in your way of optimizing resources, SMARTness in your job search and SMARTness in your decisions.

A New YEAR is giving rise to budding entrepreneurs and IT Industry, ultimately generating more employment opportunities all over the world. Similarly, the number of Universities and Colleges adding in each year, showcases the number of students ready to take up a job.

The competition is like a war ground, if one loses focus for even a single minute, the other takes advantage, and the job lands up in his/her diligent hands.

* Do a self-brain assessment, jot down everything inside out and work towards it.

* Set up a TO-DO list every day for you to raise and raise in your career this year.

* A little polish to your RESUME, the only face of you online, makes it a necessity.

* INNOVATION: Welcome new ideas and new methods of thinking and doing.

* Spending your TIME well? Why not stick a paper on your wall and write what you have done every 3 hours? This will definitely boost up your motive of a successive year. Try an App!

* Learn to say NO, a principle that I have been following since ages, which helped me reach a safe market stand today. But mind it, don't say it the wrong way, idealize a few lines that will help you to graciously decline.

* Take a BREAK! For your SMARTness to reach peaks this bright year, make sure you take that enough break every some time. Dance a step on your favourite number, move out in the fresh breeze, stretch yourself and take that required nap.

Whatever you do, short term or long-term goals, be honest with yourself as to what you would really like to succeed in, measure it realistically and make this year your MOST productive year.

Happiest year of you career!

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