Thursday, 12 March 2015


After all you would never want to end up in the Horrible Bosses scene, right?
Many a times it so happens that the pressure of just taking up some job to fill in the time and the needed money, makes you degrade your skill level and find some immediate job.
If you are doing so, stop immediately! Take a Scroll below before the next employer blasts on you or you falling in the deep pit.

In the present advanced world, where a new company is registered daily, business growing from Conglomerates to niche businesses, the demand for work is also increasing. A Digital Marketer has a better scope and pay than a personal seller. Times have changed and you have to walk with the change. Self-analyse your own qualification and skill set and relate it to the companies while you make your Most Wanted Companies list.

The years of experience you might have in a particular field, might still be less in a new company or an existing but continuously evolving company. Hence it is significant that you know what the company does, its products and services and what the company is expecting from you.
Remember! Employer is always interested in what YOU know about HIS Company rather than him telling you what it is. Only if you are satisfied with the industry, the company and most importantly your own job description, get in!

Too much talking is a mess! No, Not always!
Walk up to Career fairs, employer events, walk-ins and interviews and talk to all possible employers. This will showcase your own initiative and simultaneously increase your knowledge of the current employers and their activities. The above process will help you better choose the people you want to work with.

Have you really flipped through the updated company website recently? the Mission statement, Values and goals? Not yet? Did you get to know of their long term plans? Or even the present year plans? Go, Find out! Do the above! This will undoubtedly give you a better edge and appraisals from the employer.

Are your values and ethics in line with the company? Please make sure before your take the job. There might be industries where in you can’t relate yourself to. You might be into too much of societal enterprise working, but the company has gambling as their base job or tobacco. You will never be satisfied working there. Forget satisfaction, your beginning can be the end.
So ask yourself this question before you move ahead if you share similar values or not.

If you have Finance as your core specialization, take up jobs in the similar field. Even if you have no job in hand for a couple of months, there is no point beating around the bush in other jobs. The employer is going to ask you that straight question on your face! Why did you get into a Selling job, when your qualification and interests show Finance?
So protect yourself from falling prey and be proactive.

When you shop for the right shoes you walk and see if they are really comfortable. Isn’t it? Similarly, whenever you are choosing an employer, make sure you can adapt to the environment.
Is the work really flexible?
Is there a balance between work and fun?
Motivation, work culture and other factors that are on your priority list!

If you are satisfied with the above, I am pretty sure you will land up in the right job with the right employer.

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