Sunday, 26 April 2015

Nepal Earthquake - Another Major Crisis

“Another Crisis will hit Nepal Capital today – Sanitation” Times of India

Terrifying! Nepal Earthquake!

The massive earthquake hit Nepal on 25th April, 2015 with the aftershocks still continuing, getting milder each time. Fear in the hearts of the people and the loss around is breaking millions of hearts.

Feeling the quake myself for 3 times in 2 days was scary. I can imagine how the heartbeats of all those in Nepal would be. Alert 24*7, sleepless nights, horror and panic! Patna, Bihar, Siliguri, Delhi, Punjab and many areas are also affected.

I wonder what the situation will be like tomorrow and in a couple of days? Houses swept off, No gas supply, no water supply! What about the sanitation problems? The people there are already terrified plus this major crisis of sanitation will hit them more hard.

How long will they survive without water and proper food?

There are bodies and then then there are prayers. The damage is bad. How bad? Nobody exactly knows. Death toll is surging and is expected to rise in coming days. Continuous aftershock is a matter of great concern. Over 5000 people are injured in Nepal. Death roll crosses 2200. A NATIONAL EMERGENCY!

The relief work set by India is proving to be very helpful to the affected people. With a quick and powerful disaster management team India is putting in the best efforts to make people safe and bring basic needs to them.

Around 20000 Volunteers from Baba Ramdev's Patanjali are also serving the people there establishing seva kendras, providing food and shelter to those who have lost their families and all others. 

All prayers and hopes.

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