Saturday, 14 November 2015


If a couple is trying to get pregnant for months, and is facing difficulty conceiving, then it is time to check the blood glucose levels of the female at first. This is because a woman might have to encounter various medical conditions that would hamper her from becoming pregnant.
What is diabetes? – Diabetes is developed when the pancreas fail to function effectively. In this situation, the pancreas might not be able to produce the right level of insulin for the body. This is when the insulin controls the blood sugar levels and increases it. When it becomes high, it has the ability to damage the most important organs of the body.
Diabetes and infertility are linked. Diabetes is not the only reason that keeps a woman from getting pregnant, but in many cases, it is the cause that blocks a woman from becoming pregnant. Doctors explain that “if a woman does not keep her blood glucose levels under control, month after month the glucose level increases and the diabetes level would prevent the embryo getting planted in her uterus.”

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