Tuesday, 29 December 2015


A whole year is gone and the next is on its way.
Possibilities are endless and so are the opportunities.

If you are planning for "self-improvement" and have taken resolutions for yourself, it is that time you take resolutions for your STARTUP business too.

Here is the catch!  More exercise this year, drink less, Read "n" no.of books etc, if these are the ones you planned last year and couldn't succeed, no harm trying them again this year!
But try to set " REALISTIC GOALS" for your startup business.

So what can the resolutions be?

1) Spend some in-depth time into the Product/ Service offering

    Why? You won't laugh at the same joke for the 10th time, right? Then  why expect people to accept one type for years? Try to improvise even the smallest possibility.
    How?  Get to know! Get to know your product/ service better and better. If you are selling a product, know the A to Z of it and yes, there lies a world beyond!

2) Engage everyday

    Why? The success today depends on how active and spread you are not only physically but also virtually. The more people are aware of your offerings, the quicker and better will be your numbers.
    How? Get yourself engaged daily through social media, connect well to the people and add some special value to your offerings.

3) Focus not only on the X money but on the Z Quality! 

    Why? The main aim of any Business is to earn X money, no doubt! But be sure, you cannot achieve that without the Best Quality.
     How? Focus on improving the quality of the product or service you are offering. If you offer a New-Year Same Day delivery Service, make sure it completes with a smile on the face of giver as well as taker. Rest ben are, with this model, you can make the X money planned for the year.

4) Hire a Newbie

    Why? Looking for more energy and enthusiasm at your work place? Newbies are the best givers! They stay up to date with the current happening and advancements in technology as well leading to  contribution of innovative ideas.
    How? Presence of countless job portals makes it easy to hire the kind of talent you are hunting for. Plus, if you do not wish to invest in a physical office, Freelance movement is another raising market to look out for.

5)  Improve Your own self

    Why? You know it even better than me!
    How? Plan your own self better, make your own to-do's and also implement them. And, it doesn't stop there, keep Monitoring! Be a better communicator and Remember, no communication is complete with an effective response.

Time is ticking! Give your mind some free time and plan your personal as well as business resolutions for 2016. After all, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!

A personal "ALL THE BEST" to all startups and happy holidays!

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Brilliant Products any New Parent MUST-HAVE

Nappy’s, Check! Tissues, check! Breast pads, Milk Bottles, essential clothes Check, Check, Check!! A routine list that many will tell you. But do you know there are several other fascinating and interesting products every new parent should own.

1. Wet Alarm
Knowing and realistically seeing the parents have a peep each time in the baby’s diaper is a strange feeling. Trust me! Each time the kid cries, this is the first thing done by people around. Do not bother anymore, But How? Simple, try this very interesting Play toy which will ring an alarm as soon as the moisture sensor gets wet. If you ask me, this is a real relief!


2. Breast Feeding Dress
For all those who think breastfeeding is shameful or is not open about the very concept of breastfeeding in public, Let me tell you, that this is the base on which the future of your baby’s health depends. So not risking it, try these new-mom dresses which makes it real comfortable to breastfeed in any situation and in any place.

3. Breast Feeding Cover
These stylish breastfeeding nursing covers protect the mother’s modesty while making her comfortable to breastfeed in public. These come in several designs and colours, a perfect gift to a new mother.

4. Bathtub Divider
The space inside might be small for you but not for the baby! So try this bathtub divider which not only will kepp you baby protected but also saves water.

5. Bottle Sling
Attach this easy bottle sling to a car seat or the pram. This makes it easy and a Must-Have products for the parent and the new born.

6. Blooming Baby Bather
Another product new parents must own is this cute Blooming bather available in different colours which can turn your wash basin into a cushioned cradle. What best do you need more to wash your baby?

Any more? Many more! 
Nursing Reminder Tag to keep track on which side you are on, Baby seats, bike stroller, babysitter box, pacifier thermometer, onesie extenders and Portable Baby changing station.

Did anybody suggest you these interesting products? If not, look online and you will find them all.

If you would like to add in any more to the above list or would like to tell me how this was helpful, you may leave your comments below.