Saturday, 2 January 2016

Spark the Romance this New Year. But How?

Start this new year with new love and new memories to make!

When couples get too busy in their routine life, the newly-wed spark fades away gradually. You definitely need some extra effort to spark the romance again and again. This is not a one couple story but each pair passes through this time.

Try these sweet ways and keep your relation super hot and exciting!


Sweetest Idea 1: Kiss and Kiss
               The never fading and most intimate thing to do is kiss! Kiss each other day and night, in fact every some time! Kissing makes the bond strong and sweeter. Why not try a kiss the moment you wake up? the time you step out of shower? before moving to work? once you return from work? before you go to sleep? Phew! Hell lot of time and chances as well!

Sweetest Idea 2: Take some time out
               Friends and families are an important part of life but there are times where you really need THE space for TWO to cherish all lovely times. You can go around on the weekend, spend some quality time, talk and talk and click some beautiful pictures together. A fresh couple will be back, trust me!

Sweetest Idea 3: Fun activity together
               How about a couple spa or a bubble bath? Sounds interesting right? In-fact shopping or cooking can also do. Why not watching a movie? Well, think what you two can do and go for it. Fun creates healthy smiling between couples as they exchange more and more smiles at each other.

Sweetest Idea 4: No to Tech-Life
               Take a break birdies. Facebook and WhatsApp or whatever! Get-A-Live! Keep aside the gadgets when you are together, having food, early morning and before going to bed. Live a real life with a real person besides you.

Sweetest Idea 5: Date night?
               Take time and plan this night. Remember those good old times, the first year of wedding when dates were almost each week? what is the status now? No No No! Don't let it happen! Make an extra effort, dance, bring some flowers and cute gifts or let just the time spent on the special night be special!

I'm sure you have plenty more ideas. Don't you?  Plan them quick and make things special! Bring the lost love to life again!

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