Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Power of Words! Really?

Being a city soul with M.B.A degree, I always had a mindset that taking up a full time job in a live office set up is the best opportunity! I get to interact with dozens of people, learn new things each day, multiply my social network and bla bla bla! I did take up a few!

Now there was the twist! I had to settle in a small Village after wedding where I joined an Army school in the administrative department, the only job option in my village. Thanks to the Indian setup, there are at least schools in the rural life to provide job opportunities to the educated ;-) 

Soon I realised this was not a place for me. Like Rome was not built in a day, I prepared day and night for a year holding back in the same job and then t
here came a time when I actually had to resign. I did! No regrets! Some times in life you have to just Follow your dreams.

I knew I was at home, in a place away from the crowd, away from "my kind of life" in a tiny little village with countable places to check in and limited social interactions.

Countable: I really mean COUNTABLE!

Those butts of mine can never sit in one place for sure I knew. I decided to give it a try! Now, my thoughts moved, from a pin hole to a Volcano hole and bigger and bigger.

The world is now ONLINE is what came to my mind. I started that mad search of mine online sitting hours and hours with my only best friend in this place, my laptop! After a few days I realized YES! There were a plethora of opportunities right on my best friend's screen and I was actually wandering around.

Social presence is indispensable to make your virtual office function. I opened a platform for myself by launching my freelancing writing services through my website www.nehamadiya.com helping me gain more and more national as well as International clients.  I was the only boss! Nobody to scare me, nobody to yell at me! and I truly mean this.

With multiple projects coming up, my skills were improving. No doubt I had clients who did not pay or even get in touch after receiving the work. This helped me learn how to choose the right clients. 

I also learnt a very crucial lesson from my past life: "To Say NO" This became my best philosphy. I managed to say NO to clients for writing at a lower pay than what I deserved

Negotiation skills being important in any business, "Quality Content" is the USP that will take you up in this Freelance Writing Industry.!

If a client asks you to provide a sample within 3 hours, I'd say, do it in 2 hours! But hey, do not compromise on the quality. "Timely-Quality Content" is just like the icing on your yummy cake. 

"Alone we can do little, together we can do much" So Make a strong team
No matter if you are being paid by the client or not, make sure you pay your team timely as promised plus make their work comfort your priority.  

Read, Read and Read! If you do not read much, you cannot write well. 

Excel in your work and earning will automatically come to you. Who the hell would not love sitting at their comfort zone, being their own boss and earn day and night?

"Turning Words into Dollars" I now know the power and value of words. My Time, My Words and Content Quality are the most essential ingredients of my life today. 

I wish the readers All the best for their endeavours and Remember to keep the determination strong.


  1. All the best for your future... May God bless you and keep you high...

    Shubham Chanda
    Sr PGT
    Army Public School Binnaguri